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LOMA’s Serving the Customer Workshop


        The above workshop is to provide your staff with a new perception of customer service and clarify the role customer service representative in the success of today's business, while helping your staff unlock their service potential.
        During the workshop, it is to create a more satisfying work experience and environment. By the time they havecompleted this program, participants will be able to:
            Define and identify internal and external customers.
            Understand and apply the "moment of truth" concept.
            Describe how serving the customer benefits you and your company.
            Discuss what the customer wants and expects in terms of service.
            Compensate for style differences between you and your customers to create            positive customer relationship
            Describe the "serving model" and how it works.
            Understand how you can provide outstanding service within your company's current organizational structure.


Contents :
            The joy of serving
            Why provide excellent service
            The customer wants
            Style based customer interactions
            The customer focus