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                      LOMA ‘s Coaching , Counseling and Confronting Workshop

        Managing effectively requires providing subordinates with clear guidance on how to get the job done, using techniques ranging from simple coaching to actual confrontation. Yet, many supervisors and managers avoid providing this guidance,particularly when it comes to confrontation, due most often to lack of skill and/or concern about upsetting and employee.
Consequences include lower quality work and frustration for the manger. The employee also may sense that something is wrong,but not know what to do about it.
        This popular workshop helps the supervisor or manager know when and how to use coaching, counseling andconfronting to improve employee job performance. A hands-on approach provides opportunities for active discussions, role playsand group learning.
        Participants leave with the tools and experience they need to approach these important tasks effectively back on the

    Work is done more effectively when the manager or supervisor communicates clear direction and expectations.
    Employees are generally more at ease when they know how best to accomplish the job, as well as the manager's true views of their performance.
    The manager or supervisor feels more at ease, knowing he/she has been honest and straightforward with the subordinate.

Participants Learn to Use the Following Techniques
the face-to-face leadership skill of teaching direct reports to become better than they ever thought they could be in a given skill area.
    Tips for dealing with different coaching situations.
    Establishing two-way communication.
    Identifying steps in the coaching process.
    Giving constructive criticism.
    Recognizing positive results.

a means of assisting employees in solving personal or job-related problems that are impeding their ability to performtheir work.
    Tips for dealing with difficult situations.
    Handling troubled employees.
    Conducting an intervention interview.
    Dealing with performance after counseling.

a leadership response to a situation in which a person is doing—or not doing--something that is having a negative
impact on productivity.
    Tips for dealing with confrontation situations.
    Intervening in long-term behavior patterns.
    Giving positive feedback.
    Steps for making confrontation constructive.

Day One
Contents :
    Ice breaker
    Introduction to coaching , counseling and Confronting
    The three primary leadership skills
    Manager’s dual role
    Employees performance and development process
        - Formal and informal coaching process
        - Problem and possible solutions
        - Coaching tips
        - Technical skills coaching
        - People / behavior skills coaching

Day Two
Contents :
        - How counseling is misunderstood
        - Performance-based counseling
        - Development-based counseling
        - Benefits
        - The development-based counseling process
        - Potential problems
        - Proactive individual confrontation
        - Spontaneous individual confrontation
        - Spontaneous intra-group confrontation