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                           The Marketing Management Series (MMS)

Recruiting for Results
Teaches the manager how to apply personalized recruiting methods to expand the list of agent candidates, decrease recruiting time and effort through proven techniques, and apply established, proven while still learning.

Selecting for Success
Selecting for Success: teaches the manager a cost-effective, easy-to-administer agent selection system using proven tools and techniques to measurably increase agent retention rates while lowering selection costs.

Improving Performance
Teaches the manager how to implement a systematic approach to improving the performance of both new and established sales representatives by providing leadership and supervision techniques that influence high agent productivity and morale.

Penetrating Your Markets
Teaches the manager how to identify the competitive edge in the company's products and services, analyze the local marketplace, determine market potential of current personnel, focus recruiting and selection on specific markets, and develop market strategies.

Planning for Productivity

Teaches the manager how to plan for improved productivity and profitability, implement a proven problem-solving process when plans don't work, distinguish between profitable and unprofitable business, and to improve profitability by controlling the investment of time.

Training the Trainer to Train
Training the Trainer to Train provides a complete course in training methods, procedures, and techniques for anyone who trains and develops producers. Complete with tools to assist the field trainer in planning and implementing training and
information on the latest technology available for producer development, Training the Trainer to Train enables field trainers to:

- Understand how adults learn
- Identify individual and group training needs
- Set learning objectives
- Choose the best training method